Rumor: Facebook launching iPad app Wednesday?

The nearly ubiquitious social network Facebook offers several ways to interact with friends on the go. Mobile apps exists on several platforms, and Android and WebOS even allow Facebook users to sync their phone’s contacts with the social media service. However, the company doesn’t offer an iPad-specific app, forcing iPad users to either use the iPhone app is 2x mode, or interact with the site via Mobile Safari. Of course, since Mobile Safari doesn’t allow for photo uploads, a core component of the Facebook experience is missing for millions of users.

Rumor has it that Facebook may be getting ready to change this at an event it is holding on Wednesday, November 3.

An iPad Facebook app would not only bring photo uploading to Apple’s popular tablet device, but would also let users interact with the website in a more fluid way. Right now, most of works on the iPad, but some features aren’t very graceful. If the company can’t work out these issues with Mobile Safari, an app would certainly be welcome.

Article Via Mac Stories

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