Pegatron To Produce More Than 50 Percent Of iPad Mini’s, Foxconn To Do The Rest

With the iPad “Mini” set to be announced next month, there’s still one major question on most of our minds: “who’s producing it?” According to the Economic Daily News, Chinese manufacturer Pegatron will be producing more than half of Apple’s iPad Mini stock with Foxconn producing the other half. This would then allow Apple to make roughly 5 million of their smaller, lower priced tablets every month.

So, why is Apple moving away from Foxconn with the iPad Mini? Simple, they need more resources. With Foxconn already producing the iPhone 5 and new iPad as well as other Apple products, they’re definitely under a strain when it comes to manufacturing products.

This is the first time in iPad history that Apple has put an iPad into production anywhere else but Foxconn. Apple has used Foxconn for almost all of their products whether they be in the iPad, iPhone or iPod line. Will we see Pegatron work with Apple more in the future? We’re not totally sure, but I wouldn’t doubt it. With increasing demand for Apple products, we could very well see Apple working with more than one manufacturer to make the most devices as efficiently as possible in a single batch.

Source: Economic Daily News via Engadget

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