Quickoffice Now Free For All You Google Business Users

Google has just made Quickoffice free for all Google Business users. Google acquired Quickoffice earlier this year in June and has just recently released a Google Business-specific version of Quickoffice HD for iPad. This specific version of Quickoffice allows Google Business users to edit documents stored in their Google Drives.

The application also allows users to easily convert Microsoft Office to Drive compatible files. Google Business users can download the Google Business-specific Quickoffice application from the App Store now to all iPads running iOS 5 or higher. As of now, we’re not sure if Google will release a free iPhone-compatible version on the App Store, although Google has confirmed that an Android version of the free app is coming soon.

It’s nice to see Google not only give Google Business users more benefits, but also strengthen its Google Drive-compatible app ecosystem. Other Google Drive apps include the official Google Drive app, as well as Notability. I’m an avid Google Docs user, so the more third-party editors for the iPad the better, as I’ve yet to find one that I enjoy using.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.