OmniGraffle makes $250,000 in thirty-two days

OmniGraffle iPadWhat’s the one thing the iPhone has that other smart phones don’t? Financially successful development studios. Maybe it’s because we work in one of the world’s largest echo chambers, or maybe it’s because we don’t pay enough attention to the other platforms, but no matter how we slice it, we never hear of any other developer on another platform clearing as much cash as the OmniGroup.

Android fans can be as loud as they want about their favourite phones, but until we start hearing about developers that make $250,000 in 32 days, they’re going to be hard-pressed to compete with the AppStore. Developers will go where the people are, and right now that’s Apple’s AppStore. Sure, things could change, but it’s going to be a while before they do.

Susan has put together an awesome review of OmniGraffle, so if you’re interested in what this successful app does, you can check it out.

You can also pick it up on iTunes.

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