Obama signs iPad

The name Sylvester Cann may be destined its 15 minutes of fame.

Mr. Cann got President Barack Obama’s signature. That in itself is impressive and worth keeping in the ol’ scrapbook, but instead of pushing a piece of paper and a pen in front of the President, he presented him with his iPad. By the way, as a security precaution, the Secret Service prohibits spectators from bringing pens around the President anyway.

With that, at a Democratic support rally at the University of Washington for Senator Patty Murray, Sylvester Cann fired up his iPad and wrote a quick note using the Adobe Ideas app. The note said, “Mr. President, sign my iPad”

“I just wrote ‘Mr. president sign my iPad,’ and just something to show him very quickly, he could look down and understand and start signing,” Cann said. “I just ran my finger down it just to show him use your finger, just put your autograph on there, as soon as I did that he was on-board. He just took it from me and began signing his name.”

“I will put it up on the digital picture frame so I will always see I have the president’s signature,” Cann said.

Watch the whole thing unfold in this video now posted on Cann’s YouTube page. We’ve embedded the video at the end of the post.

Adobe Ideas

Now back to the app used. Interestingly enough, it’s from Adobe. Apple and Adobe aren’t actually seeing eye-to-eye these days.

At its foundation, Adobe Ideas is a digital sketchbook allowing you to capture and explore your ideas. You can sketch design ideas and take advantage of the following integrated capabilities:

  • Simple vector-based drawing tools
  • Zoom control without jaggies or big pixels
  • Variable sized brushes using multitouch control
  • Vector eraser
  • Separate drawing and photo layers
  • 50-level undo

Adobe Ideas is a free app and is available for both the iPhone and the iPad. Click here for the iPhone version and here for the iPad version.

Video of the Obama Signing

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