Mophie releases Workbook iPad case

The iPad has a stellar battery. I love not having to think about charging my device every day. If there’s one piece of technology that has convinced me that there is space for the newly released MacBook Air, it’s the iPad and its battery life.

Mophie seems to have decided that the iPad has enough juice on its own, because they just released a case without a battery pack. What’s up with that?

The Mophie Workbook looks great (59.95), and they’ve clearly taken their inspiration from the Moleskine-like movement that’s been going on with iPad cases.

But, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit saddened by the lack of a built in battery pack with this case. There’s no such thing as too much battery life these days. It’s easy to understand why it wasn’t included by looking at the design, but I would have been “all in” immediately had they included a battery.

Mophie hasn’t completely left iPad users out in the cold. They do have a Juice Pack Powerstation ($99.95) available for the iPad. But, I’m probably not alone in saying that an integrated battery pack would have been the optimal solution for the case.

Hopefully we’ll see one in the future. You can buy both products directly from Amazon.

Article Via Just Another iPad Blog

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