iPad thief gets caught.

Last week I wrote about what seems to be the first iPad theft, in which the victim had an iPad stolen from him in the mall during the day.  Unfortunately, Bill Jordan the victim, lost more than the iPad.  Consequently, he lost part of his pinky on his dominant hand.  As I wrote in my previous article both myself, and Bill Jordan saw this crime as a senseless act, by a very selfish individual.  As it seems the law has caught up with the individual that perpetrated this horrible crime.

Denver’s ABC 7 News is reporting that Brandon Darnell Smith was arrested during a traffic stop.  This is one model citizen.  First he steals from and dismembers Bill Jordan, then he is arrested in a traffic stop days later.  Here is what ABC is reporting:

DENVER — Denver police have arrested a man suspected of mangling a shopper’s finger while stealing a brand-new iPad.

Authorities say 20-year-old Brandon Darnell Smith was arrested early Saturday in a traffic stop.

Police suspect Smith is the man who yanked the shopping bag containing the iPad from 59-year-old Bill Jordan on Thursday.”

Bill Jordan was able to pick Brandon Darnell Smith out of a Police photo lineup as the individual that stole the iPad from him.  Bill is happy that Brandon Darnell Smith was apprehended.  This is what Bill had to say,

“For people who may have been harmed in the future, it’s a wonderful thing,” Jordan said to 7NEWS Reporter Jaclyn Allen. “It’s bittersweet. The bitter part of it is there is nothing anybody can do to replace this. It is what it is.”

The one good thing to come of all of this it that he is off the street.  Bill Jordan made the following statement, “If there’s anything good that comes out of this it will be that people will say to themselves, ‘We need to be more careful.'”  In addition, Denver’s ABC News stated, “Smith faces charges of robbery and second-degree assault. He hasn’t entered a plea and it’s unclear whether he has an attorney.”

Photo Credit: Handcuffs

Article Via Denver ABC 7 News

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