iPad Mini, Fourth-Generation iPad To Come To Sprint

Even though Sprint has been an official iPhone carrier for over a year, they have yet to support the iPad. However, that all changed today. According to iMore, Sprint has just confirmed that they will begin to sell the iPad on their new 4G LTE network in the United States. If you’d like to view Sprint’s full statement, we’ve embedded it below:

Sprint (NYSE: S) today announced that in the coming weeks it will offer iPad mini and fourth generation iPad. Sprint will offer these new iPads with a range of attractive data plans that will allow customers to connect to its 4G LTE network.

iMore has also reported that Apple will sell the same model of iPad on both Verizon and Sprint as they’re both CDMA networks. AT&T will have its own iPad model, which supports their LTE and GSM bands, though both models will support international GSM bands.

If you’re unaware, the iPad mini was announced today at Apple’s media event and packs a 7.9-inch screen, a dual-core A5 CPU as well as a FaceTime HD front-facing camera. The iPad mini with LTE will launch towards the middle of November and will start at $459 in the United States.

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