Happy Blocky 3D Papercraft iPad

Tubbypaws is back with more papercraft, and this time it’s Apple related.
So, if you have the patience and the need/want to recreate your own Steve Note on your desk, you can download this handy template, get your favourite scissors and glue out, and get cutting and sticking.

This isn’t the first ‘create your own’ iPad which we’ve seen, the other day macrumors posted about a full sized one that Jess Silverstone, the lead artist for Revolutionary Concepts had put together for her team, and they are now coming in useful they say ‘btw we now have six ipaperpads and they are actually helping us with the scale of graphics and UI placement for our upcoming iPad apps’.

So, you can make that one too if you like.

Scared of glue? Love Legos? How about you make one out of Legos instead then like jmenomeno on Flickr.
There are probably a whole host more papercraft and other iPad mockups out there, I saw one made of foam the other day, and they were up for sale on eBay, but I can’t find that one to link to anymore, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Let us know in the comments if you have any sucess making this. I tried my hand at making the Portal one a few years ago, needed thicker card, but it turned out all right.
Good luck!

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