Guy sells bag of potatoes for £200, telling customer it’s an iPad

This may not be the hardest-hitting piece of news you’ll read today (unless you’re unusually interested in potato futures), but it’s kind of interesting and a little shocking to know a Yorkshire man sold a bag of potatoes for £200, claiming it was an iPad. Yes, really.

The sheister in question approached his mark in Dark Lane, Bentley, and offered to sell him an iPad. Once agreeing on a price, they went off to a cash machine together and completed the transaction. After leaving the scene, the buyer discovered he had been sold a bag of potatoes (because why would you ever buy an iPad off a guy on the street and check what’s in the bag before parting ways?). The Yorkshire Post explains a little more about the crime of the century, here…

Pc Teresa McCarter, of the Batley Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “It should be commonsense to check that you are getting what you pay for but as a similar incident to this one in Birstall took place in the summer we are warning people to be wary of accepting deals that seem to be too good to be true. On August 10, a 35-year old woman paid for what turned out to be very poor quality electrical items after she was approached by a man in the Birstall Retail Park.”

Upon hearing this report, RIM released a press statement declaring that they finally have an idea for making money in the tablet market.

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