Grove Announces A New Wool And Bamboo Sleeve For iPad Mini

If bamboo is your thing, you may want to check out Grove’s latest iPad mini sleeve. Grove is known for its beautiful bamboo cases and sleeves for the iPhone and iPad. Today, Grove announced that it will be bringing its famous Grove Wool Sleeve to the iPad mini. This case features an interior made out of a high quality wool with a gorgeous bamboo exterior. The Wool Sleeve is even compatible with the iPad mini Smart Cover. Grove has written the following about the sleeve on its website:

The Wool Sleeve for iPad Mini is a protective yet stylish sheath for your iPad Mini made with our natural bamboo veneer and thick premium wool felt imported from Germany. Protect your device on-the-go, and still enjoy the mini tablet’s slim feel during use. The sturdy felt and bamboo veneer make a strong statement and hold their shape well. We mold the bamboo veneer to the shape of the iPad and sew both materials together using special techniques to ensure a durable product.

You can purchase one of these unique cases for your iPad mini for $59 from Grove’s online store. They also make a Grove Wool case for the full sized iPad that retails for $79.

Via: CultofMac

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