Does unlimited data finally mean unlimited?

It’s been a seesaw battle for years, and consumers are finally getting to the point where we have no idea what unlimited means. First, unlimited mean you didn’t have to worry about how much time you spent on your dialup connection. Then, unlimited meant always being able to keep your internet connection on. Then unlimited meant being able to transfer as much data as you wanted across the internet, but somewhere over the years unlimited has come to mean that you have an imaginary cap on just how much data you’re using.

For instance, when I signed my data plan with Rogers it was promoted to me as being unlimited. but what they really meant was that there’s a hardcap at 6GB and if you go over it they’ll bill you for the extra usage.

AT&T is at it again, offering unlimited data plans for the iPad. Zach Epstein from Know Your Cell decided to torture test his data plan by throwing insane amounts of data across the network over a two day period. In this case, insane amounts of data equals 31 GB of data being pushed through AT&Ts network. Epstein still has connectivity, and he’s determined to try and hit 100GB this month just to make sure that the word “unlimited” really means unlimited.

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