DODOcase Finally Updated, No More Cracking Edges

DODOcase New Tray Design from DODOcase on Vimeo.

The DODOCase is a very cool handmade case for the iPad, Kindle and other tablet devices. Overall it’s a pretty high quality case with one major flaw: the bamboo frame tends to crack around the corners. The case has also had some minor issues with the new iPad as DODOcase never offically released a case fitted for it. However, both of these flaws have been fixed today as DODOCase has introduced their new, redesigned case for the iPad 2 and new iPad.

DODOcase has added reinforced edges to their iPad case, which will supposedly protect your iPad from four foot drops. They’ve done this by adding a miter joint rather than a finger joint to the edges of the case. DODOcase has also added a camera cutout to the back of the case, which was another common complaint about the original design. Finally, they’ve also added a small, faux wood power button to the top of the case. This allows for easier pressing of the power button and a cool looking design.

If you want to grab a new DODOcase for yourself, be prepared to drop a pretty $59.95. However, when you purchase a DODOcase, you’re supporting an American company as all DODOcases are handmade in San Francisco. If you own a DODOcase, let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: DODOcase via TechCrunch

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