CleverWraps disposable iPad 2 wrap for $5 is not clever at all


OK, so I’ve been looking at a bunch of different iPad 2 cases lately, since I managed to snag one on launch weekend here in Canada. And yes, one of the possible places you might want to use a case for your iPad is in the kitchen, where it will need some kind of protection from the elements. But, would I pay $5 for what is essentially a disposable plastic bag for my iPad? CleverWraps is hoping so.

Are you kidding me? Sold in a three pack for $14.99, the CleverWrap for iPad is a protective sleeve made from “crystal clear, high grade poly” and is billed as offering protection against “incidental contact with water, sand, grease, dirt and other harmful materials.” That’s all well and good, but it seems a bit pricey for a disposable wrapper. A quick check of shows me a 52 count box of 1 gallon Ziploc bags for about $8, which works out to, let’s see, $0.15 a bag. That’s a lot less than a CleverWrap, and you don’t even have to throw it away, you could wash it and use it again if you want.

A Ziploc bag won’t have the same form fit as a CleverWrap, which purports to allow you to access the devices’ side switches and buttons. The product does say that it fits both the original iPad and iPad 2, which leads me to wonder if it wouldn’t be a tad on the large side for the iPad 2. Of course, should you choose either the Ziploc bag or the CleverWrap, you’ll still be able to use the touch screen through the plastic and hear the speaker (although slightly muffled).

Convinced yet? One more thing, the Ziploc bag has the advantage of being actually airtight and waterproof, so if you tend to be on the clumsy side as I am, it would be a better choice. It’s not going to look as nice, but it works and costs a lot less.

Article Via Gizmodo

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