Apple’s Fifth Avenue Apple Store Brings Long iPad Mini Lines

While the iPad mini was expected to have shorter launch lines than other Apple launches, it seems to be faring pretty well. Heck, 801 people lined up in front of New York City’s own Fifth Avenue Apple Store even though Hurricane Sandy hit the region just a few days ago. According to Fortune, the only launches that brought more people to the New York City store was the iPad 2 (1,190) and iPhone 4 (1,300) launch, which took place in 2011 and 2010, respectively.

It’s worth noting that multiple shipping services are experiencing delays in New York City, so some fans may have headed to the Apple Store to grab their iPads before their preorders arrived. The return rate could also be high if that was the case. We’ve also heard reports of iPad supply shortages as white iPad mini preorders sold out in only 20 minutes online while the black edition stayed available for most of the day.

If you’re unaware, the iPad mini was announced alongside the fourth-generation iPad at an Apple media event that took place in San Jose, California, on October 23rd. The iPad mini features a 7.9-inch display, an A5 CPU as well as a durable metal construction. You can purchase an iPad mini starting at $329 for a 16GB, Wi-Fi only model.

We should also point out that the lines weren’t as big as usual outside of some of the major technology hubs like New York City. Earlier today we posted about some shorter lines around the globe.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.