Apple shoves Czech Republic iPad 2 launch back to March 25

As the international launch date of March 25th for Apple’s iPad 2 approaches, there have been rumours of a push back of the date because of constrained supply due to the crisis in Japan. Despite speculation, Apple has said nothing about delaying the launch, except for putting the Japanese launch on hold so that the country can focus on recovering and rebuilding during this time.

However, over the weekend it appeared that the Czech Republic launch date would be pushed back, as the landing page for the iPad 2 listed the availability date as April 25. Several news sites picked up on the date change and speculated that we might begin seeing other countries miss their March 25th launch dates.

As of this morning, the date has been changed back to March 25th for the Czech Republic. It may have been nothing more than a typo. A quick check of all 26 countries shows that all are scheduled for the iPad 2 release on March 25th, as promised by Apple.

We’ll continue to keep checking throughout the week and keep you posted.

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