Apple is now producing 1.2 million iPads every single Month

AppleInsider is reporting that 1.2 million iPads are being produced every month. Because of the ever-growing demand, Apple is recruiting Samsung to manufacture the LCD displays alongside of LG to increase production.

In May, there were between eight hundred thousand and nine hundred thousand iPads being produced. Back in February, only three hundred thousand iPads were being produced. It is mind blowing how fast the iPad is being embraced by consumers. One can tell just by these numbers what a success the iPad has been thus far. I can’t wait to see how much the iPad market grows in the second half of this year.

It makes me curious as to what the heck Microsoft and their partners have been doing for the whole last decade. Bill Gates himself was a huge proponent of tablet computing, but it had failed to achieve any substantial success until Apple entered the market. It seems to me like other computer companies just don’t have a strong direction. They just kind of meander around until a company like Apple shoves past them to create something worthwhile, and then they scramble to play catch-up for the next five years.

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Article Via Just Another iPad Blog
Photo Credit: Veronica Belmont, Jon Åslund

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