7 inch iPad coming for Christmas?

File this in the “Oh God, I hope not” category, Economic Daily News is telling everyone that Apple’s signed contracts with a number of manufacturers around Taiwan for the rumoured 7-inch iPad. The report says that the touchscreens will come from Cando Coproration, and the 7-in screen will come from Chimei Innolux.

Am I alone in thinking that this is a super bad idea?

I know, everyone is complaining about how heavy the iPad is for reading, but another device exactly the same as the iPad and iPhone is probably the last thing Apple needs right about now.

Constantly, I’m reminding myself that buying Apple devices is a double edged sword. Having the latest gadgets provides quite a buzz, but, even though I know it’s irrational, having them release version 2.0 of the same device within a year boils my blood. It’s hard to feel like it’s not a cash grab. It’s illogical and outright pathetic. I often get over the feelings quickly, knowing it’s the cost of being an early adopter, but sometimes those feelings linger on a bit longer than they should.

So, here’s my question to you, what would you have to see in a 7-inch iPad to buy one? Also, would you sell your current iPad for one? Is the iPad a case where bigger isn’t better? Or, am I out to lunch?

Maybe this is a rebranding of the iPod Touch, and less iPad Mini.

Article Via Slashgear

Image Credit: justmobile

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