Tired Of Being Attacked By Your MagSafe Extension Cable? Try The PowerCurl

If you’re a MacBook user, chances are you’ve experienced the wrath of your MagSafe’s extension cable when unpacking it. For those unfamiliar: the MagSafe extension cable is made out of a material that, for some reason, likes to flail about when being rolled or unrolled. This can wind up with you, your MacBook, or small animals being pelted with the end of that dam cable.

This is where the PowerCurl comes in.


The PowerCurl is an all-in-one cord management solution for MagSafe adapters. The device rolls up your MagSafe’s built-in cable as well as its extension cable into a tidy, small circular device. When it’s time to charge your MacBook, your cable is easily extracted from the device by pulling it out from underneath the silicone outer-ring. When doing this, only pull out as much cable as you need as the PowerCurl will hold onto the rest.

The PowerCurl also protects your MagSafe from damage as it shields connections off from keys and other potentially damaging objects in your bag.

Purchase your PowerCurl here for $10.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.