Like Wood? The Vers 1Q May Be The Best Looking Bluetooth Speaker Yet

Vers 1Q

While there are a lot of Bluetooth portable speakers on the market, I’ve found that they tend to be big and bulky. However, when I came across the Vers 1Q, a former Kickstarter project, I was pleasantly surprised with both its design and functionality.

The Vers 1Q is a single 6.5W, 2-inch speaker that packs a massive 10-hours of battery life. The speaker can connect to Bluetooth v2.1 or higher devices wirelessly, though it also has a 3.5mm AUX input for older devices. If you decide to use Bluetooth for audio, you should expect a 30 ft range.

The speaker itself is designed very well and is made out of real wood. The speaker can be purchased in Bamboo, Beech or Walnut flavors. As far as the actual design of the device goes, it’s a 3-inch cube that weighs around 8 oz. This makes it perfect for throwing in your messenger bag or backpack for a trip to the beach.

If you’re not so crazy about mono audio, Vers has you covered. You can pair two 1Qs together via a 3.5mm audio cable to create a full-on, 13W mini-stereo with both a left and right speaker. The company also offers the 2Q that is essentially two 1Qs smashed together in one box.

If you’d like a 1Q for yourself, you can expect to drop $119.99 per speaker via Vers’ website. The device’s larger brother, the 2Q, is available at the same place for $199.99. I personally think that this pricing is a bit steep for a Bluetooth speaker, but it’s probably worth it if you crave well designed on-the-go audio.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.