Design Nerds, Do You Have One Of These Pantone Mugs?

A few weeks ago we showed off Pantone storage boxes, but what happens when you go to the coffee watering hole at your workplace with an old and fading Mickey Mouse mug? You get laughed at. That’s what happens. Why not tell the world you’re a graphic designer and that you’re damn proud of it instead? At times like these, you need a Pantone coffee mug.


This mug, like the Pantone boxes, looks like a classic Pantone color card, complete with a color number and the Pantone label. The mug itself is made out of a “fine bone china”, so you can drink your coffee and feel both creative and luxurious.

Purchase your Pantone mug in one of many colors here for $16.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.