Rain Design’s Vertical MacBook Stand Is Great For Small Desks

The folks at Rain Design have made some of the most iconic MacBook stands of the last couple of years, and have continued this tradition with the mTower Vertical Stand for MacBook.


The mTower Vertical is meant for those with limited desk space and an external monitor, and since holds your MacBook in a closed, upright position, it reduces your MacBook’s footprint by a neat 65%. But the vertical orientation not only frees up your desktop—it also provides for improved airflow when plugged into an external monitor.

The stand includes rubber adapters that allow it to fit nearly any MacBook model, including the Pro and Air. Additionally, the stand’s design and aluminum construction perfectly matches the look of the Apple Thunderbolt display, so your desk will look good, too.

Purchase your mTower here for $47.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.