Make Your iPad Functional And Stylish With The PaletteCase

When it comes to purchasing an iPad case, I always look at two things: function and style. The PaletteCase, produced by two brothers — Nick and Beau Trincia — based out of San Francisco, is a perfect example of an iPad case that fits my expectations for both.

In terms of functionality, the PaletteCase offers a built-in stand. The stand is removable and, when not in use, is stored on the front of your iPad’s screen and is held in via magnets. Once removed, you can fold the stand into a triangle and snap it onto the back of the case. This props your iPad up at an angle optimal for typing.

The back of the case features a cutout for the Apple logo. Not only does this add a bit of style to the PaletteCase, but it gives it a ton of added functionality as well. Since the case is crafted out of wool, you can slide three fingers into the Apple logo cutout, allowing you to hold your iPad like an artist’s paint palette. This gives you an easier and more balanced way to hold your iPad when standing.

Like I mentioned before, the PaletteCase is very stylish. The case is crafted from wool felt and leather. The rear of the case is made of wool, giving it a classy look and a soft finish. The front of the case and the stand are made from a finely detailed leather. This allows the PaletteCase to protect your iPad’s screen and look super-stylish at the same time.

If the PaletteCase sounds like something you’d like for your iPad 2 or newer, expect to drop a pretty $79 on one. The case is offered in two colors: chestnut leather and black leather, and ships for free in the United States. The PaletteCase is designed in San Francisco and made in New York.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.