SUCK UK’s Cardboard Radio Is Awesomely Customizable

Even though I really suck at it, I enjoy doodling on things. Whether it’s the side of a test, or in my sketch notebook, drawing for fun can be really relaxing. However, doodling in a notebook gets pretty boring after a while, so why not change it up by doodling on a portable radio? Yes, a radio.


The folks at SUCK UK have released a cardboard radio that is completely doodle-able. The radio has an AUX input as well as a built-in FM tuner with retro-styled nobs on the front for volume control and radio station selection. Since the speaker’s exterior is made of cardboard, you can draw whatever you want on it using permanent markers, making it a work of personalized art.

Purchase your cardboard radio here for $33.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.