Bento 2 Makes a silent appearance.

This is the week for new things to come to us in the Apple world. But if you weren’t paying attention then you may have missed Filemaker’s second version of their popular Leopard only Database software Bento 2 come out this week. Heck, I will admit that I almost missed it. If you are not using bento right now but want to have a decent simple database, then you are missing out on a great product. I have been using Bento for about 6 months now and love it. I use it to catalog all my DVD’s and include DVD cover art, and information on each title. This is the easiest database software I have ever used. It integrates perfectly with address book and iCal. The new version even works with now. This is very exciting news. I highly recommend picking up a copy from . They offer a free trial. I am sure though after you play around with it you will have to have it. I am upgrading to the new version this week.

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