Aspyr to release Civilization V for Mac in time for holidays

We had previously reported that Sid Meier’s Civilization V, the latest version of the highly addictive turn-based strategy game, would be coming to the Mac. Now we have more info on the release, although there is no exact date set.

Aspyr announced yesterday that they will be developing and publishing the Mac version of Civ V, and expect it to be available this holiday season. “The Civilization franchise is a fan-favorite and one of the best-selling Mac games ever. We are thrilled to be able to participate in this newest version and bring Mac gamers this native experience so close to the PC launch,” said Ted Staloch, Aspyr Media’s Executive Vice President. The PC version of the game was released on September 21st. Aspyr was also responsible for the Mac port of Civilization IV.

According to, the Mac edition of the game will come in boxed and digital download versions. No word as to whether it will require a Steam account in order to play, like the PC version.

With new DLC coming, including a new map and another playable civilization for the PC version on October 25th, and a promised patch for the game to address AI issues and other bugs, hopefully Aspyr will have enough time to incorporate some of those fixes into their Mac version.

Article via MacNN

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