Xserves suffer from performance issue after 10.6.8 update

Last week’s Snow Leopard update brought Apple’s current Mac OS to version number 10.6.8 and brought us a few new features and bug fixes. Besides that, it apparently also brought a problem for Xserve users — the much dreaded performance issue.

On Apple’s Support Communities website, the thread about this problem keeps growing as more and more people experience the problem with the Mac OS X Server-exclusive hardware monitoring daemon called hwmond. After the update, this process reportedly uses up to 100 percent of the Mac’s CPU, which sounds like a teeny-tiny problem.

At first it seemed as if only those who installed the combo update were affected, but now someone who only installed the delta update (the one you get from the Software Update app) reports that he’s experiencing the same problem.

Oddly enough, this problem only occurs on Xserves running the latest version of Mac OS X Server. Mac minis running the same operating system don’t seem to suffer from the problem. This leads me to the assumption that this should be a hardware problem with Apple’s now discontinued Xserve line of rack-mount servers.

Note: We will keep you updated  and inform you about a fix as soon as it is available.

Via: AppleInsider
Source: Apple Support Communites

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