Tidbits on Thunderbolt iMacs trickle out

New information has been coming out about Apple’s new iMacs. They’re past the break, in no particular order.

  • Apple previously allowed customers to add a Magic Trackpad to their iMac orders for $69; it can now be swapped out for no extra charge.
  • The 27-inch iMacs with Mini DisplayPort had a feature named “Target Display Mode” that allowed users to use their iMacs as a display for another device. While the feature isn’t present on Apple’s webpages for the new machines, Apple has verified the feature is still present. This isn’t present on Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Pros. However, the new machines can only accept video from another Thunderbolt-equipped Mac.
  • The new iMacs require a software update out of the box for BootCamp.
  • The SD card slot is actually an SDXC. Sadly, it is still way too close to the SuperDrive slot for my taste.
  • The 27-inch model has two Thunderbolt ports, which can each be used to drive a display. That’s right — three LCDs in total.

Article Via Mac Rumors, GigaOM, MacStories

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