Worth Reading: Two Features On The Future Of iOS and OS X

Last week, we saw what Apple has on order for its next operating systems, iOS 9, OS X El Captain, and WatchOS 2. While I’m not all that interested in the Apple Watch yet, I am excited for changes in iOS and OS X. And there are some good rundowns of the upcoming features from well-known Mac writers.

The first is from iPad evangelist and MacStories editor-in-chief Federico Viticci. He runs down his thoughts on the newly announced multitasking features in iOS9:

“iOS 9 is going to be a watershed moment for iPad users. For many, the iPad is about to graduate from utility to computer. Apple is envisioning a future where users can do more with iPad apps without the inherent complexities of OS X – and they’re largely relying on developers to help build this future.”

For the features in OS X El Captain, we’ll turn to one half of the Mac Power Users duo, David Sparks. He digs into the features of the latest refinements made to OS X:

“Overall, I think we got what we expected today–and what Mac OS needed–a solid update with some new shiny things and a lot of spit and polish.”

Both articles show that WWDC has garnered a lot of excitement from the community. I will say that I am far more excited about the changes to iOS than OS X.

Mac geek? Gamer? Why not both? Mike is a writer from Wisconsin who enjoys wasting immense amounts of time on the Internet. You can follow him on Twitter.