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We have officially hit the all-rumor, all the time cycle of Apple news as everyone tries to read the tea leaves ahead of Monday’s keynote. We heard rumors that iOS 7 was set to include Air Drop support. There was a pair of rumors about iRadio: we heard that iAds were being prepped for the service, and that Apple had signed a deal with Sony. There was a non-WWDC rumor that the iPad lines would launch separately this year. In actual news the DOJ price fixing suit opened, starting with a strong statement by Apple’s lawyers.


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Side effects may vary: the growing problem of unregulated medical apps
The Verge looks at apps that claim to have health effects and the fed’s attempts to crack down on the fake health apps.

The geography of Tweets
Some cool art made with location metadata.

Why Google Reader Really Got the Axe
We finally get the real reason for Google Reader’s unceremonious dismissal.

NSA Is Wired Into Top Internet Companies’ Servers, Including Google and Facebook
This biggest story in tech this week, a huge surveillance program by the NSA in the US that touches every major service/company in tech.

Arcade designs reveal Gauntlet’s secret life
Polygon looks at the design work that went into the arcade classic Gauntlet.

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