Recommended Read: Fingerprinting your typing patterns.

I think that at some point we’re going to have to realize that if people want to track what you do on computers, the only thing stopping them is their own time and effort. We can encrypt, use TOR, VPNs, and every matter of privacy devices, and it turns out that your typing can give you away as easily as anything else. Ars Technica has the story:


The technique collects user keystrokes as an individual enters usernames, passwords, and other data into a website. After a training session that typically takes less than 10 minutes, the website—or any other site connected to the website—can then determine with a high degree of certainty when the same individual is conducting subsequent online sessions.

I don’t think that privacy is dead, but at some point we have to understand that determined parties will always find a way to identify users. There is a new Chrome plugin that at least stops this latest rouge ID attempt.

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