Five Stories From Around The Web That Are Worth The Read

Though Apple’s product launch this week lacked the usual fanfare, the news was still packed with Apple stories. Here are five stories that are bit out of the Apple scope, but you should still check out:

  • Time to Die: Could You Kill A Robot Begging for Its Life? Tested dissects a study on the line between machine and something more, and what makes us feel empathy for robots.
  • 5 Security Holes Almost Everyone’s Vulnerable To. Lifehacker has five pretty basic security errors even geeks might overlook.
  • Major Media Fails To Fact-Check iPhone Joke. Techdirt has the story of a joke iPhone case that made the real news.
  • Interactive map illustrates underwater internet cables. See every inch of the Internet’s circulatory system beneath the sea.
  • Ten (Okay, Eleven) Tips for Better Mobile Photographs. iStockPhoto gives a basic guide to using your phone for photography.

Anything else you think we should be reading? Let us know in the comments.

Mac geek? Gamer? Why not both? Mike is a writer from Wisconsin who enjoys wasting immense amounts of time on the Internet. You can follow him on Twitter.