Apple’s Italian Police Problems, Block Stalkers In iOS 7, HDD Lifespans And More In Our Weekly Reading Roundup

So either people really do prefer to use what ever the default apps on their phone are, or the apocalypse is coming. There was a report in The Guardian earlier this week that Apple Maps had taken 23 million users from Google Maps. In a quiet release that suggests that maybe Apple took those accusations about creating lines for the iPhone 5s too personally, the iPad Mini with Retina Display was released this week. To save you a trip down to the mall, AppleCare techs can now service your Mac via Screen Sharing. Just remember to clear your browser history; save them the awkward conversation. Apple’s legal department is getting busy again. The rematch against Samsung is heating up, with Phil Shiller accusing Samsung of copying the iPhone and hurting its image. Probably more worrying to Apple’s lawyers is the police raid on their Italian headquarters.

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