WWDC 2012: iOS Numbers And Siri Updated

Scott Forstall came up on stage at today’s WWDC keynote, and he talked a bit about some stats for iOS. Eighty percent of iOS users are using iOS 5.x — a much better adoption rate than Android. Turns out, notifications have been a huge hit with 700 billion push notifications per day. That is over 1.5 trillion in total.

iMessage has over 140 million users with over 150 billion messages sent. That is one billion messages per day. Not only that, but Twitter has seen a threefold growth in iOS users with 10 billion tweets from iOS 5, and almost half of those were with photos. Hell, Game Center has 130 million users with 5 billion scores every week.

More importantly, today iOS 6 was announced. Siri is getting better. She can now display sport scores, sports stats, restaurant info from both Yelp and OpenTable, movie theater info along with trailers, and she can finally launch applications! Siri can now even integrate with your car for better hands-free driving. She is also learning some new languages: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Korean, and Chinese. And finally, Siri is coming to the iPad. She’s making the rounds!

Image Credit: GDGT

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