Wisen Up Review

Are you a drama queen? Which type of doughnut are you? Would you be a good God?

These are just a few of the personality quizzes you’ll find in Wisen Up [$0.99, App Store], an entertainment app that also includes “myths or facts”, “bizarre ancient cures” , “hilarious medical quotes” among their other “infotainment” categories.

You can access all the 12 categories with a circular ring-like menu. In the quizzes option you’ll find a list with all the 25 quizzes (hopefully more will be added soon), in all the other categories you open them and just click or swipe through the pages (many of them have a cute cartoon too). There didn’t seem to be any type of search so that I could find, for example, the meaning of a particular phobia, which I missed. There is, however, an option to add something to a favorites list, so that you can easily find it later, which proved to be very useful.

There’s also a share option (e-mail or Facebook) for the facts, quizzes and test results. I have mixed feelings about this option/feature: it’s a cool idea and it will definitely please a lot of users but honestly it makes me cringe just a little bit:  I don’t really want any more quiz results invading my Facebook. I just checked: at this moment on my main Facebook page 14 out of 30 of my friends’ status updates are quiz results. I just hope people use this feature wisely (pun not intended), or else I’ll just delete them from my friends. Just kidding. Or am I? Stay tuned.

Wisen Up’s nice clean interface and specially the cute cartoon-like illustrations add a very particular visual interest to the app. That plus the great sound effects make it a delight to use and play with.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go find out if the Devil can buy my soul… </evil laugh>

Sofia is a 23-year old marketing and advertising student from Portugal who is also interested in techs and gadgets. A true Apple fangirl and the silliest geek you'll ever meet.