You Should Check Out These 5 Beautiful Wallet Cases For iPhone 5 And 5S

Wallet cases are great: They allow you to carry one less thing with you.  And you have plenty of options—there are quite a few attractive designs out there for you to choose from. Oh where oh where do you even begin to make a decision?  Start by taking a look at five of my favorite wallet cases.

1) BookBook, TwelveSouth ($59.99)


The BookBook is an awesome folio-styled wallet case for iPhone 5 and 5S that is made to resemble a vintage book. The case is crafted from genuine leather and comes in three different colors. With the BookBook, you can carry four cards, with one of the card holders featuring an ID window. Behind the credit card holders is a pocket for cash, business cards, and other flat objects, so unless you carry a lot of cards or cash, you may be able to ditch your wallet altogether.

2) Q Card, CM4 ($39.99)


If you want the class of leather with a minimal design, the Q Card is for you. This case features silicone sides and a leather-like back pocket that can fit three cards. Though the Q Card lacks the front-facing protection of a folio-style case, it does have a pretty large lip around the front that protects your phone’s screen from cracking if it gets dropped on its face.

3) Midtown, Griffin ($24.97)


If the BookBook’s vintage style isn’t for you, the Midtown from Griffin might be a little more your speed. This leather wallet case can hold two cards as well as cash, and offers full-body protection for your iPhone. The case’s exterior is crafted from an attractive, dark leather that looks professional and classy.

4) Barely There ID, Case-Mate ($25.00)


The Barely There ID is for the true minimalists out there. This case snaps onto the back of your iPhone and can hold two cards in its super-slim plastic card housing. The case’s slim profile means minimal bulk added to your phone—something that can’t be said for the rest of the cases on this list. However, the Barely There ID likely won’t protect your phone from damage resulting from major drops.

5) SmartFlex, Speck ($24.99)


The SmartFlex is sure to show off your fun-loving side thanks to the many bright colors it comes in. The case can hold up to three cards as designers as a few folded bills. Though the SmartFlex doesn’t feature a front flap, it does have a raised lip around the edges like the Q Card, giving your phone some additional protection when dropped. The case is crafted out of a rigid silicone, a material that absorbs shock when dropped.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.