VID: Stuck in the Middle with Siri

CollegeHumor - Siri ArgumentCollege Humor has taken the practical applications of Siri and put them in video form, showing us all what we really wish Siri was like. Check out the video here, but I’ll warn you, you’ll probably want headphones if you’re at work or the youngsters are around, it’s not exactly PG with the language. That said, it’s pretty hilarious, in a very… masochistic sort of way.

However, this video also addresses the very real fact I pointed out to Tim Cook in an email just the other day, to which he has yet to respond. Details after the jump.

Siri has problems with questionsSiri can’t properly phrase those sentences we would instinctively use to talk to someone like our personal assistant. If I want to ask Tim Cook if he’s going to fix this, I surely don’t want the message to say “If he’s going to fix this.” The least she could do is end it with a question mark!

Okay, I’m done ranting. Hat tip to @applebitchcom for the video.

Image & Video: CollegeHumor

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