UPPRCASE hopes to be a next generation iPad case for pro consumers, if funded

Kickstarter has quickly become the home for aspiring designers, engineers, and creative individuals; each hoping to do something sleek and unique. We’ve also found ourselves mentioning a few projects that have something to do with Apple products. The most famous of these was Scott Wilson’s TikTok case for iPod nanos that nearly reached $1 million in pledges. Then, there was the aluminum docking case for the iPhone. Naturally, the next iOS device to fix up would be the iPad 2. For that, Chris McRaild and Dylan Horvath have a plan. They’re calling their cases UPPRCASE and lowrCASE. Fancy names, right?


UPPRCASE and lowrCASE hope to be next generation iPad cases. They plan to do this by solving many known issues for the pro-consumer market. This includes holding the iPad for long periods of time, typing on the tablet, protecting the screen, showing some iPad skin while still protecting it, and much more.

Our project began several months ago out of frustration – we loved our new iPads, and the tablet concept in general but we couldn’t find a single solution case for all of our needs as mobile professionals and home users. Tired of switching the iPad from one case to the next for a particular situation, we decided there had to be a better way. If necessity is the mother of invention, then this project is the offspring!

Now you might say there are a ton of nice pr0-consumer cases out there. You’d be right. I love my leather Speck Case and the DodoCases are pretty cool too. However, there is still room for improvement. UPPRCASE hopes to start checking off boxes on the perfect case wish list. They’re including a sleeve to slip your hand in while standing and using the iPad; an aluminum U-Bar that fully rotates around the case to get the perfect typing and viewing angle and for carrying the tablet; magnets for auto-sleep/wake, and much more.

The UPPRCASE includes the protective cover that doubles as an ergonomic hand sleeve when it’s wrapped behind the shell and will retail for $79.99. The lowrCASE comes without a cover, but it does fit with Apple’s Smart Cover and will retail for $59.99. Both cases protect, prop-up, stand-up, and hang-up your iPad anytime and anywhere. All in one slim, sleek, sexy and versatile package. Really, this thing is sexy.


Now there’s only one thing left to do to make this case come to life – fund it. Chris and Dylan need $20,000 to start production. Right now, they’re nearing $10,000, but time is running out. The team hopes to reach their goal within the next 40 hours. So if you’d like to see this case on your tablet, help out now. Even if you don’t mind your current case, fund it anyways. It’s sexy.

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