Updates On Diablo III Auction House And Global Play

The insane anticipation for Blizzard’s Diablo III mounts with every passing day (with our own Elle Cooke counting the seconds), and every update about the release tastes like sweet, sweet candy. This is why fans may be happy to hear about two updates from Blizzard about Diablo III goodness: The Auction House and Global Play.With regard to the Auction House, the Diablo III website now has a comprehensive Auction House guide that goes through all the little nitpicky details on how to buy and sell and even how to spend actual real money to buy stuff. There’s still a gold-based economy in Diablo III and it will drop on May 15 (along with the launch) and the real money Auction House will open about a week after that.Global Play is a system created by Blizzard that will allow you to play on game servers outside your own region (with a few limits). There will be three distinct regions (the Americas, Europe and Asia) in which servers will be located and available for players. You will then be able to switch to other regions at will and pay in those zones instead, but without being able to transfer your characters, items, and what have you. You can, however, get into games with your pals from China or Italy or whatever. There’s a handy little FAQ for that as well.Diablo III is the second sequel to Blizzard’s iconic game, Diablo, and will be released shortly to the thronging masses of Mountain Dew drinkers like myself who are looking forward to bashing evil in the face with a mouse button.


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