UniSudoku for iPad — Reviewed

As some could determine from my posts, I like to play sudoku as often as I can. While I do enjoy playing on my iPhone, the larger real estate afforded by the iPad makes the prospect of playing sudoku even more appealing. Enter an iPad Sudoku application called UniSudoku.

It works in either standard or portrait mode, and will automatically adjust by turning the cells for you. UniSudoku also allows you to enter in custom puzzles either from either sudoku puzzle books or a newspaper.


There are five different difficulty levels: Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Very Hard.  The oddity is that they do not seem to be any more difficult as you progress.  UniSudoku also keeps track of your best and current score and even your average score. This is maintained on a per difficulty basis.    

UniSudoku is unique in one particular way: it is entirely touch and uses character recognition to determine which number will go in which cell.  This makes it a bit interesting when you attempt to draw a ‘1’ and the game interprets it as a ‘4’.

It did take me a while to determine exactly how everything worked.  So here are some tips:

  • if you get a cell wrong just double-tap on the incorrect cell and it will erase it.
  • Click on any filled in cell to have the application highlight the other cells with the same number.
  • Each cell allows you to display potential answers by selecting the corresponding area where the number would be. For instance tapping in the upper left will show a potential of a ‘1’ while tapping in the middle will show a potential of a ‘5’.

UniSudoku is a fun game. If you have an iPad and like playing Sudoku the you should check it out. It will cost you  $2.99 in the app store.  This is a universal application so it will work on any iPhone OS based device. 

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