Unblock Me: Free Edition Review

I had been using my old iPhone 3G as a glorified iPod touch up until a couple weeks ago, the reason will be known soon enough. So I decided to give my dad my iPhone 3G; I was helping him set it up and installed a few applications. I came across one that I thought I would review it.

Unblock Me is a game that you basically have to figure out a way to get the different colored blocks through the hole. The game starts off quite simple and progressively gets harder. The one thing you have to remember is that the blocks can only move in one direction; Either up and down, or left and right. This adds a bit of difficulty to the game.

With the Free version you get two levels of difficulty, Beginner and Intermediate. The intermediate levels are definitely more difficult than the beginner levels. You can undo all of your moves to start over from the beginning, but there is no ‘one move back’ option.

The free version is available from the iTunes store, there is a paid version available for $0.99. This is also available from the iTunes Store. The paid version contains two additional difficulty levels, Advanced and Expert. Along with

the two levels is the additional functionality of allowing the user to maintain your own record as to the number of moves to complete a level. The paid version also contains 2400 puzzles, while the free version only contains 400 puzzles.

Unblock Me is a thought provoking and logic game that will definitely tax your brain and keep you thinking. Give it a try and see if it’s for you. I’m enjoying the free version. Once I master all of these I’ll probably purchase the paid version.

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