Twitterrific 4.0.1 released

An update to the Icon Factory’s Twitter client for Mac has been released via the Mac App Store.

I’ve been using Twitterrific 4 since its launch, and it’s become my favorite client to date. This update fixes several of the issues that bothered me, including links sent to Safari opening in the foreground, and the inability to remove the icon from the menubar.

Here’s the complete list of changes…

New Features

  • New Advanced preferences pane with:
  • Growl support to display notifications for mentions and direct messages
  • Ability to hide the app’s dock icon
  • Ability to hide the menu bar icon
  • Option to open all links in the background


  • New keyboard shortcuts for RT & RT w/comment (option-R & option-N)
  • Keyboard commands for page up / page down
  • “Customize Toolbar…” added to Window menu
  • Clarified wording on image error dialog
  • Improved error messages for failed user actions (like reporting a spammer)
  • Alert reminder to log in with Twitter username instead of email

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an erroneous error message when uploading to
  • Clicking the dock icon invokes the default timeline if none is open
  • Fixed a problem with blurry text in compose when using a scroll wheel
  • Fixed an inconsistency with button selection when retweeting
  • Fixed a bug where the activity indicator wouldn’t stop running
  • Fixed a bug when showing conversations

Twitterrific 4 can be purchased in the Mac App Store via the link below. A free, ad-supported version that is limited to one account can be found at the developer’s website.

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