First Round with Tweetie

What Tweetie Can Do For You.

Tweetie is a native Twitter application. It’s lightweight and gives you the ability to manage your Twitter addiction by giving you access to the basic core functions of Twitter.

We do have the ability to manage more than one account at a time, which is excellent for those of us running a personal twitter account and an account for our websites or business. The fact that this option even exists means that the guys over at Tweetie haven’t completely pushed aside the power users on Twitter.

The application is sleek and is everything most people need out of a twitter client. It gives you access to short urls, it lets you preview links in new windows, and better yet, it’s not an eyesore. It gets you back to enjoying your twitter time, and away from cursing your twitter client.

What Tweetie Is Not.

It’s not for power users–yet. Keep in mind that the application is brand spanking new, so a lot of the bells an whistles that power users have come to enjoy over the last couple of years are absent.

We don’t have access to creating groups, and we can’t continuously track search terms. As someone who uses Twitter for both personal and “business” purposes, it’s hard to live without being able to track “Apple”, “Mac”, and “iPhone” live. I should probably clarify this point a little. They give you the ability to view your searches live in a new window (go to the window menu, then click open in new window, after entering your search criteria), but they don’t remain active if you close the program and reopen it. You essentially have to set it up again every time you want to track a search. It’s not a deal breaker, but it would be awesome if they let you add it to your sidebar.

Another little quirk seems to be that Tweetie doesn’t keep track of your “viewed tweets” between your sessions. Hopefully this one gets fixed quick. It’s hard to keep track of your new tweets.

Stuff we would like to see added


The application is extremely polished for a first version, and I really have no major complaints about it. Well, that’s not truthful, I would love to see growl integration. What’s a native OS X application without Growl support these days? Power users wouldn’t really use it as growl updates from 700+ followers would dominate your screen pretty quickly, but considering the average user feel of the application Growl is a must.


I’ve spent quite a bit of time today trying to figure out how to view my favourite tweets, sadly, as far as I can tell, you can not. You can tag things as a favorite by right clicking on the tweet, and selecting mark as favourite, but I can’t get a list of them. If you know where they are let me know. If they don’t exist yet, that blows.


Tweetie has gone the route of Twitterific. It’s free if you don’t mind the ads, and it’s 15 dollars if you can’t stand the ads. I went the free route and to be honest I’ve yet to be distracted by an ad. That’s good for users, but not so good for advertisers. Lets keep it on the down low though. For the record I’m not saying that you should use the application’s free version, but if moneys tight and you can’t afford to drop the developers some much deserved coin, you have options.


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