TotalFinder: Apple’s Finder, but with Tabs!

I have been complaining for a long time about the Finder’s lack of tabbed browsing. Apple still hasn’t gotten around to implementing that yet, but a third party developer has taken the initiative!

TotalFinder is a SIMBL plug-in that modifies the Finder to work with tabs. This implementation was taken directly from Google’s open source project Chromium.

Right now, the software is free in its alpha stage. Later on, this will be for-pay software, but I think that this is very much worth a good chunk of change. It really makes my life so much easier!

Make sure to take some time to read the developer’s blog post about TotalFinder. He describes how he developed the software as well as where he plans to take it. This is exactly the creative stuff that makes our little community the best in the world!

Photo Credit: jonrawlinson

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