Turn that sexy Cinema Display into a giant flip-clock

When I was in college, my Mac was a swiss army knife. It was my alarm clock, my television, my computer, my stereo, and even my clock. Problem was, there wasn’t a good clock application on my Mac. Most of the clock applications looked a little ridiculous. No more—the fine folks over at OS X Daily have uncovered Fliqlo, a stunning flip-clock screensaver.

Fliqlo is a flip-clock screensaver that lets you turn that sexy Cinema Display or iMac sitting on your desk into a very appealing clock. There are a couple of catches, however: the clock has limited settings (24hour display, size, etc), and it requires Flash to run.

That’s right, our old friend Flash is standing between us and this magnificent screensaver. So, if you have Flash installed, you’re in luck. If not, sorry about that. That being said, if you know of a non-Flash based flip-clock screensaver, we would love to hear about it in the comments.

You can download the screensaver here.

Article Via OS X Daily
Photo Credit: ride79

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