Tip: Three ways to eliminate cable clutter

Have spare cables? Sick of them getting all tangled and turning into a giant rat’s nest? You’re probably not alone. I know exactly how you feel. Having spent the last couple of weeks packing for a move has really made me realize that I need a better cable management system.

I spent some time today looking for a way to bind my cables so that they are easy to lug with you when you leave the house, but also store well in a drawer. I stumbled on three solutions: one’s a product, the other two can be utilized at no additional cost — hopefully.

Option One: Blue Lounge CableClips

Obviously there’s an added cost with purchasing CableClips. They come in a series of packs, ranging from small to large. If you want something that looks great in a laptop bag and saves you from detangling your dock connector cord and camera cable, these would probably do the trick.

Option Two: Toilet paper rolls, and a shoebox

Sure, laugh now, but this one has zero influence on your wallet. It’s simple, handily stores in a closet or drawer, and probably the easiest to manage, including the CableClips. With one cable tucked into one toilet paper roll, you’ll never have to go digging for a cable again. Heck, you could even label the rolls.

Image Credit and Tip Via: Unplggd

Option Three: Tie off your cords

This would be a little more practical compared to option two, so if you only have one or two cables that you need on a daily basis, this is probably the best approach. You could even create a hybrid model that includes both option two and option three.

There you go, three ways to eliminate cable clutter.

Image Credit and Tip Via: Unplggd

Side note: Unplggd is a great website. If you get a chance, check them out.

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