Snap a photo with your iPhone headphones, eliminate motion blur

Sometimes the best photos you can take are the ones where you’re not actually holding the camera. Those shaky and often blurry snaps can ruin a fantastic photo in a hurry. Tapping the screen to snap a photo doesn’t exactly help the cause either, often unframing that perfectly framed shot you’ve managed to stumble backwards into with your eyes closed.

So, you’re probably wondering how exactly you’re going to snap that picture with your iPhone if you’re no longer holding it. It turns out that your iPhone headphones act in much the same way as your volume button on the device. Your iPhone headphones, the one with the built in microphone, can act as a quick release for your photos. You can now trigger your phone camera while it’s attached to a GLIF and a Joby Gorillapod. This nifty little trick comes courtesy of iOS 5, so you have to be up to snuff with your software patches to make this work.

Say goodbye to blur forever, unless, you know, you’re trying to be all artsy.

Source: Mac OS X Tips

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