Lion: Turn off those pesky Mail animations


Some things are prettier than others around Lion. Some animations add to an application’s charm while others just add CPU cycles and RAM leaks. In my opinion, mail animations are a little of both. Those who have relatively new machines won’t even notice, but for those of us who have upgraded to Lion on slightly older machine, the animations just add lag to sending email.

Those of us who send a lot of email don’t have time for lag. I don’t have time for lag.

The kool kats over at OS X Daily have managed to stumble across a terminal hack that lets you turn them off — for good. Instead of stealing their thunder like so many other websites seem to do these days, we’re just going to send you over there to check it out.

I’ve already turned mine off and noticed some pretty significant differences in response time for already. You may want to check it out.

Source: OS X Daily