Three Notification Center Tips To Help Organize Your Notices

The best thing about Notification Center is that it keeps you up to date on things going on in your life. It helps you stay on top of email, appointments, and tasks you need to get done. By default, the Notification Center will add app alerts in the order the apps were installed. It can, however, get slightly annoying when all you get is Angry Birds alerts eating up your precious Notification Center space. Here are a few tips on how to organize and personalize your Notification Center so you can sort alerts in a way that works best for you.

Sort The Order of Alerts Manually In Notification Center

The default setting shows alerts in the order they are listed in the Settings app, but you can change this order manually and Notification Center will update and reflect this new order.

1. Go to the Settings app from the home screen.
2. Tap Notifications.
3. Under Sort Apps tap Manually.
4. Tap Edit in the upper right hand corner.
5. Grab ‘handle’ beside the app you want to move in the Notification Center list and drag it up or down to the spot you want.
6. Continue dragging apps higher or lower until you find the right order for you that you want to see in Notification Center.
7. Tap Done in the upper right hand corner when you’re done.

Ta-da! Now Notification Center will show your notifications in the order you have selected.

Sort Notification Center Alerts By Time

You can also have alerts appear in Notification Center based on the time they arrive on your iPhone or iPad. This way, your newest notifications will appear first.

1. Go to the Settings app from the home screen.
2. Tap Notifications.
3. Tap By Time under Sort Apps.

How To Remove Apps From Notification Center

This tip is for all those apps we like, but we don’t necessarily need to know every time something is new with them. So if you have apps that you don’t want to get alerts from, you can easily remove the app from Notification Center.

1. Go to the Settings app from your home screen.
2. Tap Notifications.
3. Tap Edit.
4. Drag any apps you want to remove from Notification Center to the section labeled Not In Notification Center at the bottom.
4. Tap the app you don’t want to receive alerts for.
5. Toggle the Notification Center switch to Off.

Source: iMore
Image Credit: Macmania and iMore

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