This USB Cable Works With Lightning, 30-Pin, and Micro USB devices

3-In-One Adapter

I love my gadgets, but carrying around three different cables to charge and sync my Lightning, 30-pin, and Micro USB devices can get annoying. However, the folks at iPhone 5 Mod have recently developed a USB cable that has attachments to work with both Lightning and 30-pin devices as well as standard Micro USB devices.

This cable is essentially a standard Micro USB cable with a Micro USB to Lightning adapter and a Micro USB to 30-pin adapter. These adapters are removable but can attach to the side of the cable using a set of nubs. To attach one of the Lightning or 30-pin adapters to the cable, just slide the Micro USB cable into the bottom of the adapter and you’re good to go.

The adapter itself will run you $13.90 via iPhone 5 Mod’s website¬†and is available in two colors: black and white. Since all of the company’s products ship from China, the shipping times to the United States can take up to 20 days. EMS shipping is available, though you’ll have to pay extra for this expedited service.

Image Source: iPhone 5 Mod

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